November 8, 2013

Followers Friday! (1)

It's Friday! And I'd like to take this moment to appreciate all of our followers.

You may remember us doing something similar before, where we posted our top visiting countries and such.

We'll I'm about to attempt to bring that back.

And this is our audience for the month of October!

Who would have thought we had such an international fan base? You guys rock! And we do apologize for the lack of giveaways to international addresses. One day we'll host one, and it'll totally be worth the wait.

But I would just like to point out that there 834 page views in the last month. And you know what else we posted in the last month? Our giveaway. And how many entries do we have so far? 13.

That means that only 0.016 of you who view the page actually participated. And that's just a little sad. Who doesn't want to win a free book? Okay so it's only the third one. So? It's a signed third book. That's pretty cool guys. That's pretty cool.

But thanks to everyone who has ever visited Book Away! Whether you've been here since the beginning (08) or just joined, I would love to give you all a big virtual hug and thank you! Thank you for visiting and putting up with us and our long hiatus.

We hope to see you around!

1 comment:

  1. I always find it fascinating to look at the blog stats for the month and see where traffic is coming from. Amazing what we can find out!

    Hoping you have a very happy and healthy 2014. :)