October 17, 2013

Another One of Those Updates

Okay, so I know we/I said we'd be getting back into the swing of things around here and it hasn't really happened.

But it will! Being in college means that I don't have quick access to any newly released books and that since I live on my own, I have to pay for them. They saying that a college kid is a broke kid is true. (I don't know if this is a really saying or if I made it up...)

But I recently got the newest Ally Carter book, the last one of the Gallagher Girl series so I'm planning on reading and reviewing that.

And my mom bought me the newest Rick Riordan book, signed! But I can't read that until I go home for Thanksgiving.

But see, there are things coming your way! And I brought my kindle along so I can rent books through it soon!

So stick around, things are happening here!


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