March 26, 2013

Staying in Touch

Hey y'all,

So I know I said I was taking on all spammers, but honestly, we've been on a spam deleting spree since the last post went up.

Knock it off you spammers! I don't care about your gym clothes for women or drugs and sex pages and our loyal readers don't either!

Speaking of loyal readers, stay in touch because if things go out as I hope, there will be a surprise for you to revel in. If you've highlighted this page, then you will now know that all contests will be mentioned without using the words drawing, contests, winning, giveaway, etc. This is too keep the contests within you loyal followers and not just people who google win free books.

Love you guys,


If i get enough money from work, we're having a giveaway for a signed copy of a book! Yeah that's right, signed books for free! And i'm giving away a whole bunch of books, maybe I'll give them away here :D Teehee ;)

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