February 8, 2011


To all our readers,

Don't worry, we're still alive!

I know it has been, what a month?, since our last book review/post, but we've been in a sort of slump.

Not that it's because we ran out of books to read, because that may as well be impossible, but well one of us hasn't felt the urge to read and everyone knows that when you're not into it, it isn't as good.

The other one has a term paper to right and even though she would love to stop it all to read for you guys, she can't.

But here's an idea! If you guys have read a book and want to submit a review, then go ahead! We'll post it here and credit you. (this goes for any day, not just our slump ones.) That way, we'll keep the wheel of book sharing going!

Also, don't forget to check out our giveaway section. We dont' have one yet, but we're in touch with a lot of blogs that are. Who knows, maybe you'll win!

That's all for now! Keep checking on us!