November 8, 2011

Review: Watched by Cindy M. Hogan

Title: Watched
Author: Cindy M. Hogan
Pages: 348
Publisher: Createspace, paperback, ARC version

Goodreads Summary:
It takes more than a school trip to Washington, D.C. to change fifteen-year-old Christy's life. It takes murder.

A witness to the brutal slaying of a Senator's aide, Christy finds herself watched not only by the killers and the FBI, but also by two hot boys.
She discovers that if she can't help the FBI, who want to protect her, it will cost her and her new friends their lives.

My review:

Don't read this book if you don't have an entire sitting to read it!

Sadly, I learned that the hard way. This attention grabbing novel was really good and I kept wanting to turn the page to find out what happened next, even if I was in class.

What I liked about Watched, was the reality of it. Taking place in D.C., Watched is about a girl and a group of seven students who were on a two week trip to the Capitol. Being witness of a murder scene, they're thrust into the dangers and mystery of it all.

Not a unique plot, but Cindy M. Hogan adds her own details that extract it from the rest.

The characters were unique in their own way. I didn't like how there was the sudden enrapture with "the hot", Alex, but I guess I like to see the slow progress of the relationship. Which is why I liked how the relationship was kind of forming with Rick. But then Christy had already been there for a couple days, and there is always that unexplainable attraction to someone. I know, I am deeply and totally in love with Alex Pettyfer, and other characters whose name shall not be revealed because I don't want to fight you for them. :)

I also loved how the relationship wasn't all intense. I mean, the girl is 15 years old! She doesn't have to know that she's meet the love of her life. Which of course, made me connect with the book so much more. You see the difficult decisions she makes between choosing, going about them like any 15 year old would do.

Now the story wasn't all romance. Cindy M. Hogan has written a book for both genders. Being a crime-mystery, there was danger and action. Heroics and disappointments. This book had everything one could ask for. It was well written, enjoyable and a real page turner.

Rating: 4.02/5

Did I fall in love with the book? No, but I will definitely be reading it again! It's one for the bookshelf
Would I recommend it to others? Of course, especially if you're into government plots, spies, action, and a little love.


  1. Thanks for the fun review! Glad you liked it and will visit it again. "Protected" comes out in March

  2. Loved the book!!! Can't wait until protected comes out!!

  3. I don't like to read. . .at all really. I am a 27 year old college grad and the last book I read was over a year and a half ago. Sad, I know. But, I have a really hard time focusing, and lose interest all to quickly. How I graduated from college you might ask? A lot of determination and luck! I tell you this because I want you to understand how difficult it is to grasp my attention. With that being said. . .I LOVED WATCHED! It was on my mind all day and I couldn't wait until I could sit down to read the next few chapters. I will be waiting for the next book and the next book after that. Keep writing and I will keep reading. I hope you do well! xo