November 4, 2011

Giveaway: Terrier by Tamora Pierce

So I just got back from seeing my all time favorite author at the library, Tamora Pierce! Ah I love her! You can ask April, I basically cried when I saw she was coming to visit. She was promoting her newest book, Mastiff, which is the 3rd book in the Becca Copper series.

What's great about this series, is that it doesn't really tie in with the other Tortall books she's written, since it takes at least 200 years before Alanna the First Adventure. Which means, all of you haven't had the chance to read Tamora Pierce, can do so now! With the first book! Which we're giving away!

Unfortunately, she hurt her hand so the books were signed by a stamp (which makes it look like her actual sig,) and her fingerprint. But it was totally better than nothing at all.

Guys, she's really funny and fun to listen to. She's not only a batman fan, but she thinks we're all crazy for doing NaNoWriMo. In a good way, of course. I mean I'm crazy, and I haven't even hit 1k words yet. (On a side note, be my writing buddy at and my name is cookiesanonymus').

Here's the sypnosis to Terrier:

Tamora Pierce begins a new Tortall trilogy introducing Beka Cooper, an amazing young woman who lived 200 years before Pierce's popular Alanna character. For the first time, Pierce employs first-person narration in a novel, bringing readers even closer to a character that they will love for her unusual talents and tough personality.

Beka Cooper is a rookie with the law-enforcing Provost's Guard, and she's been assigned to the Lower City. It's a tough beat that's about to get tougher, as Beka's limited ability to communicate with the dead clues her in to an underworld conspiracy. Someone close to Beka is using dark magic to profit from the Lower City's criminal enterprises—and the result is a crime wave the likes of which the Provost's Guard has never seen before.

So enter to win! Giveaway goes on to the end of the month, and it's US only!
Be patient as the Rafflecopter giveaway form loads, I promise I did put it up!


  1. i tweeted once but i put the wrong link into the box so i re put my name can remove one of my entries

  2. I read Terrier, but I don't have a copy and it's such a great book... I would LOVE to win your signed copy!!! :-)

    Tamora Pierce sounds really fun as you describe her. Have you read Mastiff, yet?