September 18, 2011


So, whose itching for a chance to win something?

Well you're in luck, cause I'm itching for the chance to give something away!

But of course, there's a catch.

Seeing as I have the power of over 200 followers (and by I, I mean April and myself) I have decided to use this opportunity to help a good cause.

A close friend of mine is trying to win new band gear for her high school marching band and I've decided to help out.

So vote ( ) now, through the end of September (12 days!) and I'll host a giveaway!

Here's the challenge:

1) If the cause makes it to top 10, we'll hold the giveaway, and I'll giveaway something simple, like swag. (US)

2) If the cause makes it to top 8, I'll giveaway a book. (US)

3) If the cause makes top 5, I'll giveaway a book and some swag. (US)

4) If the cause makes top 2, I'll make the giveaway INTERNATIONAL! (Int)

Yeah, that's right. INTERNATIONAL!

So this is how you vote:

1) Going to this link:

2) Voting by text (learn how to do that )

3) Power vote: the yellow caps that you get off Pepsi bottles. (learn how to do that )

4) All 3

*All links lead you to the same place*

Now remember, I won't hold the giveway unless it makes top 10, so get to voting!

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