July 2, 2011

Overview: June

I figured this would a nice thing to start, like a general overview of each month and a nice place to post reminders and maybe even what to expect in July!

So, let's start with some stats!

In the month of June 2011 (from June 2nd- July 1st) we got a grand total of 806 pageviews!

Here are the top five countries that visited Book Away:

1) United States
2) Canada
3) Germany
4) Australia
5) Netherlands

All this international viewing makes me want to have an international giveaway! Only, sadly we lack funds for it right now...soon though! Soon our international visitors!

Other countries that have visited us include (in no particular order):

New Zeland
United Kingdom

In early June we held our first giveaway, announced the winners and passed our 100 GFC mark!

And near the end of June we saw Ally Carter (still working on that video/audio) and started our next giveaway which ends 15th of July:


Until we post another giveaway, don't forget to always look at the sidebar, where we have posted other blogs' giveaways!

We had a total of 20 posts, which is the most we've ever done!

Coming up in July:

Author visit with Maggie Stiefvater, and possibly a international giveaway. Though I make no promises.

Keep visiting to stay updated! And thanks to everyone who follows us! As always, please comment! We much appreciate them. :D

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