July 2, 2011

In My Mailbox (4)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme started by Kristi from The Story Siren where bloggers can share what books they've received and what they're planning on reviewing.

So, originally, I wasn't going to post another video... since I kinda suck at those.  But then my internet went all haywire, so I decided to kill some time with another vlog. 

Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter (which we're giving away! HERE)

Die For Me by Amy Plum (from Lexie @Poisoned Rationality)
Blood Red Road by Moira Young (from Ezmirelda @Dreamz of a YA Writer)
The Demon's Surrender by Sarah Rees Brennan (from Helen @Helen Corcoron)

Sorry about my inaudible voice.  You can turn up the volume, or just ignore the video and look at the books I got :)

Feel free to leave a comment to let me know what to think, or if you want me to check out your IMM!


  1. Great IMM! I know how it feels recording. I'm so awkward in all my videos. XD

    I've gotta check out the Ally Carter series. Die for Me was pretty good. I'm looking forward to reading Beauty Queens & Blood Red Road too. I haven't read the Demon's Lexicon series but I've heard about it. I should check it out too.

    My IMM

  2. I read Demon's Surrender a few days ago. You definitely need to set enough time aside to read it in one sitting. It was amazing. I loved reading that series so much.

    Thanks for stopping by earlier.

  3. Great books this week. I love Ally Carter's books. Hope you enjoy them. Happy reading!

  4. First, I am so jealous of how long your hair is. My was just a bit past my breast a few weeks ago but decided to do a self trim and managed to hack off 4 inches. :(

    Also, I think its funny you said you were recording in your closest and that the one copy of that "Beauty Queens" book was up on a shelf. My partner-in-crime, Lula, keeps most of her books in her closet too.

    Anyways, a lot of what you got looks good. Hope you enjoy them all. Here's what I go if you want to see:


  5. Wow! What a loot!! :) I'll wait for your review on Blood Red Road. I encountered conflicting reviews about this book...

  6. I hate reading book summaries too! I used to read them, especially before buying a book, but one time the summary spoiled the whole 'mystery' in the book and I was really disappointed.
    Lots of awesome books and yay for signed copies!! I've heard so many good things about Beauty Queens, I'm hoping to make that one of my next few reads.

    Happy reading :)

  7. What a great win! I loved Die for Me. I can't wait to read Beauty Queens.
    My IMM

  8. Oh wow, nice wins! I've heard really, really good things about Blood Red Road. I like the Demon's Lexicon series, too. Hope you enjoy all your books!

    -Small Review

  9. Wow! Awesome IMM! I really want to get that Heist Society series by Ally Carter and umm Beauty Queens AND Die For Me! haha.

    My IMM is here:

  10. I love Ally Carter! Her books are always awesome! I hope you enjoy your mailbox this week! Here's my IMM! Happy reading!

    -Jessica (Peace Love Books)

  11. Some great books! =)
    Die For Me is amazing, enjoy =)

  12. Enjoy all your books - I'd tell you I love you But then I'd have to kill you is absolutely brilliant, that series is one of my favorite series ever :)

  13. Great books this week. Loved Die For Me and Uncommon Criminals.
    Happy reading.

  14. Nice books! I haven't read any books by Ally Carter yet but both series sounds good.

  15. What awesome winnings! And yay for getting to go to the Ally Carter signing!

  16. I never really got in to the Ally Carter series or the Demon's LExicon series, but jealous of Die For Me!

    MY IMM

  17. Die for Me is good. You had a good week! Thanks for stopping by my mailbox.

  18. Hey there April - nice to meet you! You have a great selection of books this week and congratulations on the giveaway wins! I think the signed copies of the books are awesome - I need to convince more cool authors to come to South Africa to do book signings! I know what you mean about book summaries - I tend to scan them briefly when I buy the book to see if I'd be interested and then not look at them again.

    Happy reading!

    Shelagh (New Follower)
    The Word Fiend

  19. You got some awesome books! I LOVED Blood Red Road so much. I'm looking forward to your reviews of these. Here's what I got this week. Happy reading!

  20. OOOOH I hope you enjoy Blood Red Road. IT WAS SO GOOD! And The Gallagher Girl series! Love it! Enjoy them all :)

  21. Well done on your IMM. Im new follower..Australia!! yay!

    You will love Die For Me. I hear Blood Red Road is great, I have to read it.

    Michelle A.

  22. A great haul! Awesome stuff... I LOVED Die for me :)
    Check out what's In My Mailbox

    Mia @ Gripped into Books

  23. I'm most excited for blood red road. I have heard so many good things about that one.

    Love your hair btw.. <-- creeper comment of the week. lol. I wish I had straight hair. Mine is wavy and annoying.. My lucky daughter has my hair. she will hate me one day for that.

    ha! while i'm typing this, my phone goes off, and says you just commented on my blog. :)

  24. Wow, lots of great books! So many wins! Goes to show you it's worth entering giveaways ;)