June 15, 2011

Review: Angel by James Patterson

Title: Angel
Author: James Patterson
Pages: 366
Publisher: Little Brown and Company, 2011

Goodreads Summary:
In the seventh book in the bestselling series, evil scientists are still trying to convince Max that she needs to save the world, this time by providing the genetic link in speeding up the pace of evolution. Worse, they're trying to convince her that her perfect mate is Dylan, the newest addition to the flock. The problem is that, despite herself, Max is starting to believe it.
Fang travels the country collecting his own gang of evolved humans, but the two separate flocks must unite to defeat a frightening doomsday cult whose motto is Save the Planet: Kill the Humans. And this time, the true heroine, for once, might just be little Angel.

My ramblings (be warned, they're very odd): *Spoilers!*

I went into this book with a real biased against it. Ever since the release of book four (The Final Warning) I've felt like the books have lost their touch. And with the new editions, I have come to notice that the books are separated. The first three are called something like The Runaways (that may not be true but I can't think of the answer) and then four and up are called The Protectors (this I know is true). And we all know how James Patterson is a ghost writer (confirmed by C.C. at a book signing) so I really didn't know what to expect from Angel.

In the end, I came out with mixed feelings. There were times where I was all excited because it was just like the first three, and then there were times were I was like...um what the heck?!

So let's start with the good things, because they're the ones that stand up the most right now. (I just finished the book.) Actually, we're going to mix it up because that's how confused I am about this book.

Max drives me insane!! Her personality has defiantly done a one-eighty since book one where she was all hard core, flock first and no bs to flock first (sometimes?), fifteen year old boy troubled, confused girl she's become now. Of course, I mean she has to have some issues, she is 98% human after all.

Lack of Faxness....not going to lie, always been my favorite. I always thought I was going to hate Dylan...but he's soo cute! And then Fang was being a butt head and Max was being Max and everything started unraveling and now Fang and Max are no more! Like ever again.

I always hated when they brought in Dylan as this perfect other half. I mean hello! Max has Fang! Why must there be another! And then Dr. Hans and Jeb come with the whole must reproduce thing...ew. I know that in the Lake House and Where The Wind Blows (both books of James Patterson where winged kids first appear) there were eggs, but honestly, did the Maximum Ride series have to head in that direction too? It's going to be made a movie for goodness sake! (So they say anyway.

Then there's Angel. I always disliked her, since book one where she started manipulating people's thoughts. I'm pretty sure that in the last book, Angel was a traitor! And now she's back on the "good side"...I'm glad that what happened to Angel happened (don't want to spoil it!).

Ella and Iggy? And their sudden fascination for the evil of this book, the Doomsday Group. Oh the DG how you give this book excitement. Of course, the DG was kind of creepy and a little disturbing. I mean, suddenly Gen 77 thinks its better than everyone else and they start planning humancide? And they're all kids? I think that's a little dark, though it could have been much darker and cooler in the book.

Okay, who remembers when the Flock used to be never get caught, never be seen? And suddenly air shows are their thing? Hmmm, that's an obvious change that I don't like.

Okay, Fang's new "Flock" sooo cool! Love those kids, love the starfish kid! Hate Maya and Fang's idiotic choice to include her. And what in the world happened to the rest of the clones we saw in a previous book? And the runaways from book one?

Be prepared for reoccurring characters.

I'm a little confused on what in the world is going on the humans of this book. First Ella and her need to be 'special' even after she was 'cleansed' and then what in the world happened to Dr. Martinez and Jeb? Are they dead? Are they alive? Are they making more Max-lings? Who knows!

It was okay writing. Defiantly not the best out there, but it was concise and made sense so I suppose it was okay.

You should read it, to feel the same confusion I feel towards it. Then you should comment and clean up my confusion.

Overall rating: 3.5/5


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