June 8, 2011

An Awesome Wings of the Wicked Giveaway

In case you were unawares, Courtney Allison Moulton, author of Angelfire, has posted an AMAZING giveaway for 3 ARCs of Wings of the Wicked (the sequel to Angelfire) and you can win some other awesome books such as Divergent, Starcrossed, Illusions, Vampire Kisses, and some awesome swag! (THERE'S A CADAN BOOKMARK. BE EXCITED). 

Wings of the Wicked doesn't come out till WINTER 2012. Which is a long long long time from now.  So if you want to win an ARC and get on the goods first, go enter! Look at THIS post for the original rules, trailer, and summary, but you can't comment on it, you have to comment on part 2 (the one I posted up up up there) because people are commenting like crazy! Last time I checked there were more than 9000 comments in total lol. 

Courtney is also posting delicious teasers from Wings of the Wicked as there are more and more comments!  Here's one of my favorites ;) Featuring my love, Cadan, who I am told appears fairly often in this book, which only makes me MORE excited for it!

“Speaking of romance,” he started. “Are you going to tell me about this book you were so engrossed in that you barely even noticed me?”

I gave him a sidelong glance. “You really want to know?”

“I’d like to understand what captivates you,” he said. “So that I might aspire to do the same.”

“Would you like a little wine to go with all that cheese?” I asked.

“Would you like me better if I were gloomy and morose?” He narrowed his eyes teasingly.

“You’d kind of suck if you were either of those.”

He leaned back and lazily put his elbows up on the back of his chair. “Then what is the appeal of your Guardian? He is quite definitely gloomy and morose.”

I’d let Cadan have one point. “Don’t you think morose is a little severe?”

“You must agree that he is rather moody and glum.”

“He’s not glum.”

His grin widened. “So you admit that he’s gloomy and moody.”

“I never said that.”

“But you don’t deny it.”

I exhaled in annoyance. “You’re obnoxious.”

“But at least I’m not morose.”

“Will isn’t morose.”

“Tell me about the book you reading.”

I blinked in surprise. Was he serious? He sat beaming with self-satisfaction. Playing games with my head was apparently hilarious. He was insufferable.

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