August 4, 2008

Review: Breaking Dawn *Spoilers*

Normally, this would be a spoiler free zone, but honestly, I need to vent:

Title: Breaking Dawn
Author: Stephanie Meyer
Pages: 756
Hardcover, Little, Brown and Company

Goodreads summary:
Twilight tempted the imagination. New Moon made readers thirsty for more. Eclipse turned the saga into a worldwide phenomenon. And now, the book that everyone has been waiting for...

Breaking Dawn, the final book in the #1 bestselling Twilight Saga, will take your breath away

My review:
**spoiler alert**
Worst book in the series.

This really was a waste of money. Stephenie seemed to have rushed to the ending to quickly, didn't let the characters develop enough, introduced new ones to fast.

The fight scene with the Volturi was horrible. More than half the book consisted of preparing for it, gathering troops. Then it ends up with them talking it out!!! Nothing happened, no one did anything! Nothing happened at all! No one died except one of Tanya's clan, but we didn't know enough of her to feel bad about her.

Then Steph goes off and Breaks her own rules!!
She goes and gets Bella PREGNATE! After saying that vampires couldn't have kids, she goes off and gets her pregante!

There was no EdwardxBella love. The whole enitre time, Edward was feeling sorry for doing that to Bella, making her suffer. Ugh.

The end was so Harry Potter! In the last book Potter goes and dies, giving the love shield to everyone he loves like Lily, his mother, did for him, there for not letting anyone get hurt.

Bella's was the exact smae, except it came out from her mind! A love shield!!!

And lets not get started with the kid's name. Carlie was cute, I admit that. But Renesme?! That is so werid and hard to say and so not cute. She should have sticked with Carlie.

And then there is Jacob. How could he imprint on her! A half-vamp, half-human girl! not even a week old and yet there he goes, imprinting on her! ugh.

This was the worst story ever and Stephenie Meyer should have taken her time to write it